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Grand Theft Auto 5

Some members of the fasttrack office are extremely excited about the launch of the new Grand Theft Auto!

Rockstar Games has released the first official GTA 5 gameplay trailer, showcasing how you will be able to switch quickly between the three main characters, and some of the fun activities to take part in within the GTA 5 Los Santos world. The new Grand Theft Auto has new and exciting features such as police dogs, blimp flying and the ability to share pictures with other gamers through social networking.

When Rockstar Games released their first gameplay video of upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5,  the video on Rockstar Games official YouTube channel gained over 40,000 likes and more than 14,000 comments in just 30 minutes.

Rockstar is the most popular game developer on Facebook with over 4 million likes, beating out their close rivals Ubisoft and EA. They are also offering a little incentive to their large following of a free exclusive lithograph when pre-ordering the Grand Theft Auto V Strategy Guide. Their Twitter following has reached over 1 million, just behind EA, but almost twice as many as any other game developer. So they have a large captive audience to promote new products to and in turn they will provide (free) promotion to their followers and friends.

The official GTA 5 release date is set for the 17th September 2013 in the UK. Rockstar had originally said that the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date in the UK would be sometime in spring 2013.


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